DaCru Dance Company in theKITCHENtheory

Concept and Direction: Marisa Ragazzo

Choreographers: Marisa Ragazzo and Omid Ighani

Interpreters: Omid Ighani, Samar Khorwash, Alessandro Marconcini, Serena Stefani, Claudia Taloni, Tiziano Vecchi

Musical editing: Omid Ighani, Marisa Ragazzo, Samar Khorwash

Scenes: Roberto Rini

Management: Alessandra Pagni

With the support of Centro Danza Canal / Teatros del Canal Madrid and Naturalis Labor Company.
In collaboration with Italian Cultural Institute of Madrid

The first place to go in the morning and the last place to visit before to go to sleep. A transit zone, sometimes lively, sometimes lonely, yet always full of smells, memories, feelings, expectations and endless abeyances. It’s a thick and scented life-long relationship, made of coffee, basil and cumin, flowing and familiar noises, room that has been learned by heart and, above all, strong as emperors: the words. Among food, scents and colors, words are the mighty sovereign of this room!
They stay there, suspended for years, almost becoming a heritage, they flow in every hole and often they are the memories of the families.
Kitchen is the choosen room to plunge one’s teeth and senses in cherished nourishments, but mostly, it is the place where to talk.
Words. Words. A swollen river….each one is one of a kind…long and elastic as seaweeds, they seize the mouth pronouncing ETERNALLY and they make it close and sharp in the very moment we say NEVER. In kitchens we talk about love, we yell out the incomprehension and the statement of loneliness, we shatter words when it’s time for farewell…..but we always talk about love. Copious as grains of rice, words are all necessary to say the same thing in many different ways and yet they’re to few to make it…… what can human beings talk about other than love? What can you dance, if not love?
DaCru Dance Company brings KITCHEN on stage, 60 minutes without breaks, Urban Theater. A fast production, strongly able to recall the sophisticated research of the new dance avant-garde, full of those everyday gestures that create the real mood of the new dance, a mix of genre and styles which predict a clear future. Experimentation and blend.