Kitchen (2017)

Sakura Blues (2015)

Kaze Mononoke (2012)

Kafka On The Shore (2011)

Kafka On The Shore, Kaze Mononoke, Sakura Blues
A trilogy born as an affectionate tribute to the land of cherries.
An artistic being in love with the enchanted world of cinema and animation which, through Kurosawa and Miyazaki, enters the eyes and the senses of those who watch; with contemporary literature that Murakami, visionary and poetic, hands out as a journey; with the great, quietly coexisting contradictions of the avant-garde metropolitan moods and the minimalist, astonishing traditions.

Le Roi (2008)

DàR (2007)

Haiku (2006)

Iz it (2004)

Tribute to the W (2003)