Danza&Danza n°251

“Kaze Mononke is an enchanting dreamlike gallery of creatures that meet and leave each other as petals carried away by the wind…”
“The element that really surprises is the dance style created by the choreographers Marisa Ragazzo and Omid Ighani” … “they mix their research in this original blending that comes to an impressive maturity” … “a new language in dancing…”

Rossella Battisti



“It’s always exiting when a theatre performance is sold out, but that’s even more exiting if the theatre is filled by an audience of youth. That’s what happened in Naples (at Nuovo Theatre, March 8th) with DaCru Dance Company’s Kaze Mononoke.”
…“they love speed, technical virtuosity, blending of theatre space with the street’s artistic code from where they draw motivations toward art in all of its different aspects. The choreography sums up all of this.”

Raffaelle Tramontano


Il Ciriaco

“Within the hour of the show I felt my perception of time changing. The dimension that measures the running of events turned into dreamtime. Creatures, so beautiful that they appear unreal, are carried by the wind and sometimes seem to be moving in the water”
(Referring to the choreographers and the company) “Too often we risk losing substantial artists just because they are not part of the mainstream culture.”

Brunella De Luca


Castelli Notizie – Velletri

“Blending different dance styles with such an artistic and technical talent, the dancers charmed the audience of Artemisio Theatre that appreciate with passion the show and its high level of experimentation.”
“It’s not just the dance steps that convey emotions, it’s the face, the mouth, the dancers, the torn voice of a speechless poem that declaim the words of a lyric poetry unknown at first glance, that everyone recognizes at the bottom of his heart.”

Maria Rita Cappucci


La Nazione – Pisa

“Spring time. Cherry petals fall and turn themselves into dancing. That is how it became possible for street culture to transform itself into poetry at the Verdi Theatre.

Valeria Caldelli