Marisa Ragazzo and Omid Ighani


Marisa Ragazzo and Omid Ighani start their artistic joint venture in 1996, blending their own backgrounds, curiosities and talents but still trying to preserve and enhance the differences between them.

Their different artistic background, which is academic in Marisa’s case (Prebil, Trayanova, Lupov, Peter Goss, Sebron) and street in Omid’s (born as a freestyler, just as many other talents were born and raised up within the hip hop culture back in the 80s), produces a highly innovative and unique artistic code.

Both fond of extreme experimentation and languages and styles’ fusion, they have been able to create an unusual choreographic dimension, remaining at the same time definitely attainable. They love speed, technical virtuosity and blending theatre spaces together with street artistic codes, from which they get the push towards art in general. This often allows them to collaborate with underground musicians and visual artists.

Their primary goal remains to get out of conventions, through originality, invention, innovation and research.

In 1996 Marisa and Omid open two schools for hip hop professional training, which are still actionable in Lazio and Sardinia. During the years, other 8 schools are opened by the two choreographers, with the partnership of Cruisin Arts (MC Hip Hop School: Milano, Verona, Jesi, Firenze, Roma, Bari, Catania, Cagliari) and a specialized school for Video Dance and House Dance (Cruisin Urban Dance Hdemy: Modena e Roma).

Also, they carry on an intense teaching activity beside schools, in Italy and abroad.